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Pivot irrigation v1.0.0
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Pivot irrigation v1.0.0

With the pivotal irrigation you can now fertilize your fields with the pivot irrigation system. Its a simple process to set it up savegame go to savegamefilefiles xml search for caisse_ then delete it and then save. it will convert it to the pivot system.

All original credits in moddesc Regularguy converted it to 17

  • Luca
    2017-10-17 21:09
    Today I tried downloading this mod and I tried it;I wanted to warn you that there is a problem in the green placement platform that just as purchases tell you the vehicle / implement can not be purchased try.So I would suggest hitting this error because it is now useless.bye, see you soon
  • Wayne
    2017-10-19 05:55
    it don't work right when u take out the caisse the game wont load up then. thank u hope u can fix it
  • Niki
    2017-10-22 14:55
    I'm only finding caisse_ listed in vehicles.xml. Is this the correct item to delete? Need a lot more clarification for how to set up and use this mod
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