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PJ Trailer 25ft v1.1.0.0
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PJ Trailer 25ft v1.1.0.0

Hello players.
So, if you noticed there is a few PJ trailers already, however none is very good. (NO OFENSE).
It was lagging when lights turned on, weight distribution wasn't good, wheels were different sizes.
On this one I fixed and also added a few customisations. The only thing I coulnd't get to work is the brake lights. So if anyone wants to fix or even make it better than this one, please, feel free to do it.

Features added:
New wheels (original from the game)
Normal lights working
Better weight distribution

OBS. Please, all the credits are for the original modelers (Rambow145,Kramarj,Thunderhawk09).


Christian Ohlweiler Edit

  • Jon


    2016-11-29 12:02
    Can someone please make this work on the ps4
  • @jon
    2016-11-29 14:59
    That's probably not going to happen. The requirements to get a decent mod on the ps4 and xbox1 are a joke. So in other words if you want better mods you may have to look into getting the pc version.
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-29 20:58
    can you add rams? please thank you for making mods.
  • Enought
    2016-11-29 22:52
    enough crying about ramps, this trailer never had any to begin with
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-29 23:39
    hey i want a traier with ramps that workss the trailer with ramps for fs 17 does not work it wont let me buy it i game .
  • Hayden modisette
    2016-12-01 04:56
    could some one make one with ramps
  • Micah1380
    2016-12-02 22:37
    thank you HAYDEN MODISETTE I WONT a trailer with ramps to butt no one wants to fix them and putt ramps on them
  • Itchey421
    2016-12-08 02:12
    where are the ramps that a lot of people want
  • Micah1380
    2016-12-08 21:52
    thank you ITCHEY you will get so many downloads if you have a trailer with ramps on mudhub
  • Logan
    2017-01-28 03:23
    Can someone send me the truck mod that is presented in the picture
  • Lolz
    2018-09-12 01:31
    Okay, I made this trailer with ramps and a lock load script with WORKING tension belts and the tension belts have colors to choose from.
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