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PJ Trailer 40ft v1
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PJ Trailer 40ft v1

I converted the PJ from fs 15 I had Already done the short one so here is the 40 ft finally because of the way the mods have to be put In A vehilce class to get some fucntions to work others will not foir that reason there is two versions of this mod one Is Dynamic Mount For Tractor And Other Drive on Equipment And The Other Is Tension Belt Setup I have done this this way because to use Dynamic Mount that type disables Tension belts this way you get Both functions I converted mod to fs 17 and changed Light corona's No alterations was made
Oh And You Going To Need A bigger Truck than that F-250 LOL.

Kramarj, Thunderhawk09 FS 15 to FS 17 Conversion

  • Thawk09
    2017-01-27 19:52
    I meant Bigger Than The F-150 Hit Wrong Key
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-28 03:02
    finally a 40' PJ trailer for FS17 that actually works thanks so much for this man i greatly appreciate it, what's the truck in the pic an F150 or the in game lizard pickup.
  • Thawk09
    2017-01-28 05:12
    yeah game truck someone had made into a mod I just installed A gooseneck ball And attacher I have A chevy 3500 im converting now from 15 That Im Using to pull it now well its lizaed in here but we all know what it looks like LOL
  • Minime
    2017-02-02 19:38
    THAWK09 is it possible for me to get mods for my xbox 360
  • Ltr farms
    2017-02-03 06:27
    Every time i hit the brakes my game lockes up and it spits LUA Call stack errors out of its ass like no tomorrow
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