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Pulling Sled FS2017 v1.0
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Pulling Sled FS2017 v1.0

You will need to have a truck hooked up and in it to hook the weights on.

You will need the wheel loader so you can move the weights.
You can get the weights here
2k weight
​4k weight
6k weight
12k weight
18k weight

And the JCB Weights
8k Back JCB weight
9k Back JCB Weight

Mod came FRom www.Rambow145.com

Have fun with this and more mods will be out soon!

sven18koehler, Rambow145

  • Wtf


    2017-05-24 20:19
    what kind of stupid ass shit is this fucking dam noobs
  • Blackjack
    2017-05-25 03:09
    i dont get it, where is the weight? it is super light
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