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Raptor SVT Hydraulic Crawler Kryptek By LAMBO v1.1
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Raptor SVT Hydraulic Crawler Kryptek By LAMBO v1.1

Farming Simulator 17
Raptor SVT Hydraulic truck/crawler
Pretty sure this is the first Hydraulic truck for Farming Simulator 17
The SVT Raptor entered showrooms in late 2009 as a dedicated off-roader, with sales being much better than expected. It was powered by a 5.4 L (330 CID) engine, with a 6.2 L option. The 5.4  L (330 CID) engine has 310 horsepower (230 kW) and 365 ft·lbf (495 N·m) of torque .The 6.2 L (379 CID) engine has 411 horsepower (306 kW) and 434 ft·lbf (588 N·m) of torque.The suggested retail price was $3000 over the 5.4 L model. A six-speed automatic is standard. It has Fox Racing Shox internal bypass shocks with external reservoirs which allows for 11" of suspension travel in front, and 12" in the rear.
The Raptor work truck has front hydraulic, perfect for plowing snow. Having trouble with power? Swap to a tracked wheel set up for the best traction. Or Try beast mode if you want raw power.
Pretty sure this is the first Hydraulic truck for Farming Simulator 17

Perfect for:
Front Hydraulics
4 different motor Configurations
4 different wheel Configurations
3 Tracked and 1 basic wheel
Front tracked
Rear tracked
Quad tracked
Custom Kryptek Paint Camo

This mod requires a password that is attainable thru the download, but if you don't want too..

Download a password free version at;
Leave a comment and a thumbs UP If you want to see this truck in Neptune, or snowwhite camo. Hope you enjoy


vegueta (frame)

Lambo )all advanced installs,texture change, removed errors, been gutted and rewired)

  • Brownthumb
    2017-01-17 19:09
    need to get it together, crap won't work, used your password, wouldn't unzip, says files are corrupted.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-17 19:54
    Brownthumb, this mod has over 9 hours just into the and attacher joints. Could you show a little respect for my time? Follow the directions. If you cant figure it out, it's your own loss for being rude. Anyone else i am more that will to assist on the install of the mod. Please make all your future comments somewhat constructive maybe?
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-17 19:55
    9 into the motor wheels differential crawler and attacher joints.
  • Tested
    2017-01-17 20:05
    Tested.... LOVE IT... I can plow snow with it! No more tractor in reverse for this guy! Thanks Lambo
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-17 21:33
    any chance of the free version being posted here, my pcs spyware/antivirus does not like the wordpress site for the free version.
  • Brownthumb
    2017-01-17 22:26
    @LAMBOCOMM, out of respect for you and the time that went into this mod,and you are one of the best, i went thru it a few more times with same result, first i open file, get 2 inside, one for pass, one says, "Requires_Password.rar", i open that and get "Ford_F150_Raptor_hydraulics_Lambo.zip", i click unzip to desktop, it ask for pass, i type in pass and get this,"CORRUPT.Ford_F150_Raptor_hydraulics_Lambo", what did i do wrong?
  • Such garbage
    2017-01-17 23:26
    This sorry excuse for a mod isn't even close to being worth downloading.....I wish these kids would learn how to make legitimate real functional mods that have a place in this game instead of this fantasy crap.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-18 02:38
    @such garbage, Whatever you feel. the above commenters seem to love it. Not all things in life are real my friend, except your complaining. that really annoying coming from a blank profile and noo mod uploads. help out the community and then you can slander the mod. how rude...
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-18 02:39
    @zzzzzz password free download, .... right there ... https://goo.gl/wGIzo2
  • Tebadassman!
    2017-01-18 02:42
    Way cool! I had love the power the truck has. Dont be detered lambo! You kick ass... mod works great everyone :)
  • Truth
    2017-01-18 06:01
    Wow, looks like complete SHIT! Seriously, keep this password protected garbage to yourself.....and why password protect when your sharing? I see a phishing scam! Users beware of this con artist
  • John doe
    2017-01-18 06:33
    LOOK! Lambo steals another mod again and don't give proper credits. Haha. What a worthless P.O.S.
  • Hycolake
    2017-01-18 15:09
    whats the point of using a pass word?
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-20 02:27
    What is the purpose of the passwords other than to protect (maybe) re-uploading without permission? I'd like to download, but my antivirus/spyware/malware would have a field day blocking your file :/ granted I did notice the link you left for us to download it directly which is nice, thank you. Definitely an adventurous mod and highly creative. Are there any plans to use the same idea on different vehicles, say a Chevy or Dodge? :D
  • John8430
    2017-01-20 04:05
    this password shit is bullshit when you reles a mod be a man dont put a pass word on it is retarded
  • Lambocomm
    2017-01-21 18:52
    I can do what I want John :)
  • I love tis mod
    2018-03-07 02:21
    This mod is awesome LAMBOCOMM. are there any other great mods that you have made???
  • I love tis mod
    2018-03-07 02:23
    @suchgarbage why sucha hater?
  • I love tis mod
    2018-03-07 02:24
    I respect this mod!
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