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Rattlesnake Valley v1.0
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Rattlesnake Valley v1.0

The Rattle Snake Valley map is heavily influenced on this beautiful area of Montana. With the map been a 4 x default size you will need to chose the correct machinery in order to take on this demanding roll, you will need to take care of your animals and make sure they are well fed so keeping up with your crop production is really important.
Along with that the area relies on local support especially in the forests. Working the forest areas is really tough work with long bumby tracks you will need to deal with and bringing the right setup is what will help you deal with this tough environment. With some typical large fields hiring staff to help out is a vital move if you want to make this farm work.


  • Tractor23
    2017-02-06 16:27
    aller je vais être directe on trouve des vaches qui ne bouge pas et pas de piétons pas de circulation l'eau qui ne bouge pas la carte est pas mal sinon pour certain coté mais a revoir sur beaucoup de chose
  • Woohoo
    2017-02-06 17:29
    Man I am glad to see this released! I have not really been into any other map since I saw the video preview, I cant wait to download this map
  • Sloppyjoe3116
    2017-02-07 00:50
    where is the Customize/Return leased vehicle spot at its not at the shop
  • Good map but
    2017-02-07 07:54
    this map is nice but needs a little work done
  • Dctoe
    2017-02-07 21:17
    Great map! Keep up the good work.
  • Anthony
    2017-02-08 14:33
    Wheres the water... All lakes are completely dry, needs some water!
  • Mother nature
    2017-02-09 01:10
    water is coming soon right after winter and the snow melts
  • Tazztower
    2017-02-09 14:37
    truly disappointed in this map..the "hedges" along some of the roads look absolutely horrendous..the buildings look like they are out of 2011..the water texture is non-existent and the fields are odd shaped...if your into realism,then this map is not for you
  • To the map builder
    2017-02-10 03:24
    this map is packed with to much shit
  • Jackoutabox
    2017-02-10 04:18
    I love the map. It is exactly what i was looking for in an american map. Thank you very much. With the way the map turned out, have you thought about creating an american grain trailer for a semi. Just curious because i have not been able to find one that works.
  • Pathetic
    2017-02-11 11:26
    to the map maker you need to redo the map roads are to small so many problems with this map. if you are going to base this off on Montana then put a train in. and don't say a train doesn't go thru montana cause i will call you on bull shit i know for a fact a train does go trough Montana my rating on this map is a -5/10
  • Coffee
    2017-02-11 20:59
    Thank you for the time put into the map. It is very well done. Other then the water missing, No idea if that's a Giants thing or what. Going to enjoy this one. Oh if you need water just buy the placeable for now until the map is updated. roads to small, what??(pathetic) hahaha, hedges?? what on earth are you(tazztower) even talking about.Its easy to complain sitting behind a desk w/ your computer kids...good job. Great map, looking forward to updates down the road.
  • Bernie
    2017-02-12 19:58
    I love the map but the only downfall I have found is that there is not enough grain storage back at the farm.
  • Great map
    2017-02-15 17:33
    Roads are too small? They are the size of roads I saw in Montana... And there is nothing wrong with the shape of the fields either. Water texture, lack of a train, and grain storage are the only problems I have seen, but still very playable and I enjoy this map very much.
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