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Repair your vehicles v1.31
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Repair your vehicles v1.31

This mod lets you repair your vehicles and equipment, so you have to pay less maintenance costs.

Version 1.31
Da ich keinen Dedi habe, kann ichs leider nicht testen, sollte aber wieder auf Dedi-Server funktionieren!

However, the repair is not free! The repair costs are calculated as follows:
Repair costs = purchase price x 0.08 x (Hours * 0.036)
Example Valtra N Series

Purchase price = 119,000
Hours = 32,2h

119,000 x 0.08 x 1.1592 = ~ € 11,050

To repair the vehicle / equipment, you just have to
have enough money (you can not repair machines for example € 10,000 if you only € 5,000)
go to the vehicle (distance should be less than 3.5 m) and press the Z key (also visible in the Help window)

Script: Rival
Idee / Konzept: Rival
Tester: Rival

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