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Reptiles v1.2 with trailer coupling mod
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Reptiles v1.2 with trailer coupling mod

Version 1.2 with trailer coupling
- Trailer coupling added

I present to you: The Reptile
Built out of boredom , the reptile crawls almost everywhere.
With its 2200 hp and the front and rear power rifles you get as good as anywhere.
Power: 2200HP
Tank capacity: 2000 liters
Top speed: 25Kmh forward, 10km backwards
Miscellaneous: Standard light installed, round luminaires etc
No Attacher for trailer attached!
Again: it is a FUN Mod, who wants Reality, do not load this mod;)
Everything else you see the test!
Map: Kleinhau
Have fun with it, give me a beer if you want xD

Modell: Graf von Berg / MasterXerion
Textur: Graf von Berg / MasterXerion
Idee / Konzept: Graf von Berg / MasterXerion
Tester: Graf von Berg / MasterXerion
Sonstige: Map Kleinhau

  • Apolonius
    2017-08-04 19:37 Send message
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    Very interesting stuff. I will use it in a forestry, or maybe as a retrieving vehicle. Anyway, fantastic
  • Silviu1993
    2017-08-05 16:51 Send message
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    mod video here......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22jCaNMQqPc&t=3s
  • @ joseph
    2017-08-07 20:02 Send message
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    DONT BE A DOUCHEBAG!!!! No, you do not have any copyrights because mods are made with Giants Editor. Read the disclaimer you twat!!!!!!!
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