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Residential house with garages v1.0
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Residential house with garages v1.0

- this house can only be placed on a clean surface
- since it is a decoration object, it costs only 100 euro
- the garage is accessible, the gate can be opened and closed by mouse buttons, it costs 20 euros rent
- a tipping on the stone surface is not possible
- at night the house lighting switches on

The steering linkage at the gate is currently not mobile.


  • Koalat
    2017-03-04 02:03
    Do not work. I downloaded the mod correctly, copied the file to my mods directory correctly and nothing is in my store under 'Placeables.' Is there an incompatibility with the latest update? I mean I doubt it considering this was released recently....
  • ^idiot^
    2017-10-14 22:47
    Mod works fine, I actually really enjoyed this mod till I noticed the girl standing on the balcony?! WTF?! YOU DONT KNOW ME?! WHY IS SHE IN MY HOUSE?! I TOLD HER TO LEAVE AND SHE WONT, SHE JUST STANDS THERE?! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!
  • Yup


    2018-08-10 05:15
    yup girl standing on balcony totally ruined it for me.... deleted asap
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