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Ropa NawaRo mouse v1.0
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Ropa NawaRo mouse v1.0

This is the Ropa Euro Mouse 5 by DellwigerLTS with the difference that it can charge all kinds of fruit here like the NawaRo mouse.
Speed: 45 Km / h
Price: 250.000 €
Engine power: 354 hp
Tank capacity: 1225 liters
Maintenance: € 1,050 a day
Link to the original: click_here
I hope someone can use the mod, have fun with it.

Modell: GIANTS
Textur: GIANTS / DellwigerLTS

  • Tj1050
    2018-03-13 22:47
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    FYI.This is not the one from the Ropa DLC. It is the same in game one just a different color and branded Ropa.
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