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SA Sugar factory v1.1.0
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SA Sugar factory v1.1.0

Mod four in a line of "Industrial mods "Svapa Agro"".
VER. 1.1.0

This sugar factory.

For operation of the plant requires the following resources:
1. Sugar beet.
2. Water.
3. The empty pallets (from our first mod "SA Production of pallets (V1.0.5)").

Production: Sugar in bags on pallets, treacle, sugar beet bagasse.
ATTENTION! You can only use pallets from our first mod!
Sugar, treacle and bagasse can be sold at the point of sale. Warehouses to store sugar and treacle, sugar beet bagasse can be used as feed for cows.
Plant in category "Svapa Agro Production" or find by brand "SVAPA".
The mod is compatible 100% with all of our mods. Verified to work on the standard maps FS17. Compatibility with other mods will be checked periodically.
FORBIDDEN: changes and additions in this mod.
Posting on other sites is possible only with the permission of the authors and only with the original download links and original screenshots.
Support and discussion of our mods is on the website www.mods-community.de. Official group Vkontakte  , Odnoklassniki
Thank you marhu and kevik98 for scripts, joachim for the help in testing.
SPECIAL THANKS Blacksheep-RC-Devil for help and advice.

Svapa Agro

  • Dedebzh
    2017-03-31 22:41
    Pour moi j'ai un problème avec ce mod !!! Quand je lance ma partie ça me met Giant a cesser de fonctionner !!! même avec seulement les mods d'origine !!!! dommage !!!!!
  • Hsayar
    2017-04-01 08:53
    Girdi olarak kireç taşı ve kömür (kok) ekleyip, çıktı olarak sönmüş kireç eklerseniz daha gerçekçi olacaktır.If you add limestone and coal (coke) as input and add lime as output, it will be more realistic.
  • Keith
    2017-04-04 21:34
    How is it that I can get all your fantastic mods to work but this one doesn't work it keeps crashing the game causing fatal error?
  • Andreas
    2018-03-29 02:46
    Same problem as Keith. All other mods from "Svapa Agro" works fine. But i cant get this mod to work. Tried removing some other mods without any success. Changed the name of this mod by just removing the last letter of its name. Then it does show up in the game, but when i choose it in the store it is not possible to place it. Would love to figure out what the problem is, so i can use this mod, also "the milk factory" as it needs the sugar :)
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