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Saxony for Farming simulator 17 v1.1
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Saxony for Farming simulator 17 v1.1

Hello everyone,

Version 1.1
Optical beauty defects (floating objects)
Triggers for fertilizers on the farm
Diesellager built on farm
Display changed to barn on the farm, now shows chopped material. Silage can now be stored.
Problems with field 1 and 2 fixed, could not be bored after the first harvesting.

So now it is time. After several weeks of indefatigable tinkering, despair, but also a time when Marhu.net became almost my second family and Google my second boyfriend, I finally managed to present my first public map to everyone.
The map was created on the basis of the empty 4-fold map provided by Kastor. A few highlights have been used to breathe life into the map. There are 4 outer bearings, all of which can be seen as separate and independent bearings. Each tank has a tank. There is also a car farm and a tank on the farm.
Directly in the yard are the stables for cows and pigs, the sheep can be found in the northern direction in the immediate vicinity of the farm.
Water is available at the cow and sheep farm and can be obtained free of charge at these locations. Further water connections exist in the industrial area at the sugar plant, as well as on the site of plant and seed production. In both of the last mentioned objects the water is payable.
For all friends of placable mods, I have created several blank industrial surfaces. So one is not forced to turn off its mods in the field.
There are 5 active and 4 usable train tracks installed. On two routes there is in each case a transfer station, where for technical reasons you can not immediately transfer to the train, but at least unload and immediately load with the train. You only have to change to the train.
The 5th route was planned for transporting animals from the cattle trader to the stables, but the project still failed due to a lack of livestock.
There are 57 fields, the smallest is about 2 hectares, the largest is 161 hectares. So all sizes are available and offer something for every taste. In the large field, I have switched off the missions, as the first fruit is always potatoes planted in the field. With the original potato harvester from Giants you need weeks until the field is empty. At field 37, possibly also 35 and 36 must be partly harvested or sown, since underneath the field (s) the Colli of the field mass is still and therefore the helper stops working.
According to the latest information, the card is MP-compatible. Minor errors are still fixed, but they do not affect the game experience.
A big thank you goes to sushidelic and Spieler11 for the grandiose support and advice with the Mapbau. Also a big thanks to my two test players, Mik and wegerenz. Without these 4 people I would never have come so far with the map.
For questions or support, I am available exclusively at Marhu.net. I ask everyone to take any problems from PN's distance.

Textur: Giants
Script: Marhu/kevin98
Idee / Konzept: FalPos
Tester: Mik, wegerenz

  • Ken


    2017-01-21 23:14
    I have only play for a couple of hours but I think it's one of the best maps i have found. Thanks for the hard work, and i'm playing on an iMac.Ken
  • Harry
    2017-01-22 00:47
    I'd love to see a english version of the displays :) or point out what I need to edit to change it to english.
  • Aaron
    2017-01-22 02:05
    Harry, You have to edit the display graphics. The digits are the only dynamic thing on the display. the rest of the display is a static graphic file.
  • Rejeant
    2017-01-26 23:22
    J, have to play with your map that I find very well done but I have a package of warning with race play
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