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Skoda Liaz 706 with swap bodies v1.1.0.3
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Skoda Liaz 706 with swap bodies v1.1.0.3

Hello here is the "Skoda Liaz 706 with swap bodies" in the revised and fixed version.
Mod is LOG FREE !

all log entries (errors) fixed
Textures optimized
Specular revised
IC Control revised
Fixed lighting (light)
Collision added from the cab
Collisions of the columns of the swap bodies fixed
Shop description adapted
Motor data adjusted the performance
various xml parameters newly adjusted
German translation added
all 3 mods are now summarized in a zip

Features / Functions
limited color choice of the cabin
Limited color choice of attachments, rims, frames, etc.
limited color choice of swap bodies
additional boxes, tank behind the cab are configurable
Model completely animated (axles, cardan shaft, engine vibration, exhaust vibration, shifter, pedals, and much more ...)
IC Control (both doors, roof hatch)
otherwise the model has the usual standard features and features

Skoda Liaz 706
Power: 208 hp
Top speed: 70 km / h
Purchase price: 75900 €
Maintenance during the day: 115 €

Swap bridge with variable grain structure
Standard fruits
Purchase price: 20700 €
Maintenance on the day: 22 €
Construction 1: 8000 liters
Construction 2: 14500 liters
Construction 3: 21500 liters

Swap body with silage construction
also loadable with other standard fruits
Purchase price: 22400 €
Maintenance during the day: 25 €
Capacity: 22000 liters

Mfg Pussycat

Emikova Divize, Mates, Tomes Tomas, Emik, Banana Joe modding, Pussycat

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