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Snettertons Farm FS2017 v1.0
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Snettertons Farm FS2017 v1.0

2 separate map versions. Unzip your downloaded version and place the map zip into your mods folder. The latest Giants FS2017 game update is required for the map to work, this is available in the Giants website or through Steam updates.

So this was all timed for one of the user's childrens birthdays today. They have the map and were unaware it was made for them even though they follow the page. Mission accomplished.

So most of you have seen the pictures or preview videos and know what the maps about so I'm not going to bore your with details. I recommend that you don't use the Giants Ground and Tire dirt modules with the Terrain and Dirt mod version.

Mp Server tested, servers will show a warning for the grle/gdm count is too high and most servers will ignore this and the map will still function 100% on servers. With all the new layers that the map has this is unavoidable.

Also if you are using the version without the Terrain and Dirt mod active that you have all maps in your mod folder which also have the mod disabled. Any map that runs the script will activate it so uncheck them in your mod panel.

If you like the map please consider making a donation:
Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Slowboat
    2017-07-02 02:46
    Does the season mod work on this map?
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-02 08:43
    Yes the season mod works perfectly.
  • Djaleel
    2017-07-02 17:44
    Thanks Stevie. Your map is great. Good good work
  • Dale
    2017-07-02 20:56
    Thanks for another great map Stevie. You're the best.
  • Justin
    2017-07-03 00:34
    any ideas y i cant seem to be able to plow any of the fields. someone please help
  • Kdv


    2017-07-03 19:44
    Another great map Stevie, thanks for this. I did have to take the liberty of removing all the hedges and gates in GE, needed some bigger/joined fields.
  • Gennesys x
    2017-07-04 04:36
    Is it possible for you to create a version of this same map but without that many machines? I think a map of this size (and a god damn great looking one!) will give us (or at least some of us) some challenge, because if i sell all the machinery i don't want, i can get around 1.6mi.
  • Taffster1602
    2017-07-04 18:11
    Another amazing map Stevie always really on you for good quality and everything working as it should be thanks again.... :)
  • Lleemt
    2017-08-26 07:22
    Love the map, though I'm so busy farming and caring for animals to try anything else yet. I'm having one problem. I can't find any eggs. I'm on my 4th farm day with the map. There are about 90 eggs in the coop, but haven't found any eggs. I've been looking as I already found 60 gold nuggets. Is this a glitch or are they some place I haven't looked? Help and thanks in advance.
  • Biomex
    2018-01-07 01:58
    are there trains and railroads?
  • Draco
    2018-03-14 17:44
    I can not get the gates to work on this map, am I missing something to activate them. And yes my game is update and v
  • Kristjan
    2018-03-28 22:56
    Me too, I can not get the gates to work on this map, am I missing something to activate them.
  • Zwk


    2018-10-11 15:23
    Anyone figure out why the gates are not working? I can't mine to work either! My fav map, just need the gates working properly. Thanks!!
  • Dylan
    2018-10-11 18:40
    i cant get the gates to work either
  • Brian rutherford
    2019-01-05 02:06
    i love the work you do in both your mods and maps Stevie.i hope you come back in fs19.will be not so great a game without you modding Stevie.
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