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Snow Edition Texture Pack v1.0
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Snow Edition Texture Pack v1.0

Meet the script for the winter on the map.
Now it will be snowing.
Edited the game files to make it seem like it has snowed on Goldcreast Valley and Sosnovka.
Installation instructions in the archive.


  • Umm


    2016-12-04 02:12
    I didn't know people farmed in snow?
  • Dalton marco
    2016-12-06 02:05
    How do you get it on fs 17?
  • John
    2017-01-07 16:33
    ^^This idiot......download it and put in mod folder^^
  • Ethan
    2017-02-04 20:18
    how do you install it I put it in the game file but it don't work
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