Farming simulator 2017 mods
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I made some changes to the basic SOSNOVKA map I flattened some areas to make space for big placeable mods
New Flatten places Near the Cow farm , Pig Farm And Shep Farm .
Now You many space to place storage buildings For Bales or Buld Material
I hope you Like the changes I have done.

farmerads Edit NtoukosGR

  • Tony
    2017-09-18 14:37
    What a stupid idea, flattening a map!. Idiot, if you knew how to use the editor properly you would of only flattened what you really need to place mods. There are enough boring flat maps out there, were don't need an old recycled one.
  • Fs17vmods
    2017-09-18 14:54
    It is not a Flat map It is have make Flat areas Yes it is Old but it is stable
  • Nemodz
    2017-09-20 02:16
    hey tony if you dont like it then dont use it simple as that no need to be an ass about it if you think you could do better prove it sucker i bet you cant and calling people an idiot are you for real dude the only idiot i see here is you ass-clown
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