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Speed Maisgebiss v1.0
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Speed Maisgebiss v1.0

After taking the corn from the field also took too long, I am with the fat press to the cornbite and have also this properly smeared!
With the GOOD smeared corn bite you can now harvest with 25 km / h yellow grains !!!
Who does not need it! - can continue to take his badly maintained maize bite and does not need this DL!
have fun with it

  • Jumbo747
    2017-01-05 17:09
    Hi Thomas,Have downloaded your mod here, but already have the Coppello HS16 mod which is great and does 15MPH, however I'll give your one a go - anything to speed up the Harvesting.How about creating a FASTER Combi Cutter for Wheat, Barley, Soybeans etc, if you can come up with the 15MPH blades for that, I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY, as 6MPH is killing me - PLEASE can you work your MAGIC yet again - Well done Thomas keep up the good work!!!!
  • Dragan
    2017-03-18 13:47
    hi jumbo--download modmanager for fs17 --fast combine-fast cutter and mor...
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-28 17:56
    jumbo thomas doesn't do magic he steal and post other modders their hard work without asking
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