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T-150K (to-25) v1.0
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T-150K (to-25) v1.0

Introducing the tractor T-150K loader THAT-25. Incredibly useful purchase for the farm FS 2017!

The main purpose of modification of the domestic tractor – implement integrated download a variety of cultures. Loader easily raised and lowered. We are surprised by the realism of the textures – I think you too will appreciate them!

On the engine of tractor T-150K installed flaps. Optionally, they can be removed.
The equipment performs its tasks excellently.
The sensors are illuminated like a Christmas tree.
Provided the deformation of the tire flying dust and marks.
Now let's move to the technical stuffing and see how powerful and productive will be a mod T-150K (TO-25) "Forklift" in Farmer Simulator 2017. It turns out that engine with 165 horsepower allows a top speed of 31 kilometers per hour.
The capacity of the fuel tank is 316 litres, and the cost is some EUR 12 800.

Norton, 36region, dimaks

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