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T-150K with loader ТО-25 v1.5
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T-150K with loader ТО-25 v1.5

Good health is respected by users of farming mods!

I'm putting into use the second version of the TO-25 loader on the basis of the T-150K tractor. I did not post the last version here, but many already wrote about the fact that it's not convenient to work on it. So now I think everything will be much more convenient because there is a reverse. Now when the key combination Ctrl + B is pressed, the tractor driver turns back and you can ride the loader as usual with the bucket face.

Further the list of differences, from the last version:
1. The reverse is registered.
2. Registered passenger for the MP.
3. The script of sounds of opening doors and windows is registered.
4. The internal and external interactive control is registered.
5. Added an attacker on the ladle to cling trailers.


Installation: a file in a ZIP format - transfer files / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /

File size: 30 MB

Norton, 36region, dimaks

  • Westenders
    2017-06-21 14:20
    Here's the answer my dear friend weight is reduced by 50 kilobytes ,in the IC there is nothing wrong ,and by the way this is not an original link to the mod and in fashion for someone poked after author dimaks
  • Volt
    2017-06-21 17:33
    OK. Then explain to me, On the official site FS17-Kirovets K-700A = 12mb, what shit could be crammed in here at 30 mb?Do a survey of how many users use IC in the game, installed, played, deleted. Only resources are consumed, and there is no function.
  • Westenders
    2017-06-21 18:47
    В данном моде огромное количество текстур ,а IC прописываю те кому он нравиться,всегда будут люди которым что то нравиться а что то нет, так что выбор есть вседа либо пройти мимо либо оставить и грать на данном моде
  • Westenders
    2017-06-21 18:49
    In this fashion, a huge number of textures ,and IC prescribe those who like it,there will always be people who what to like and what is not, so the choice is always either to pass by or leave to play in this fashion
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