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Tennessee State Trooper (THP) Pack V2
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Tennessee State Trooper (THP) Pack V2

I made These In Honor of All The Law Enfocrment Officers Who Has Fallen while on active Duty
But Since I am A Tenn Man I wanted to do THP Vehilces since dec 14, 1929 44 THP Officers have fallen up to june 6th 2015 
I started this project in mid May with the intensions of just making the shelby cobra but after 
doing so I remembered the THP Had A peterbilt they use for commercial Vehicle use so I started the
Second half Of my project then I thought About A trailer For A Rolling billboard For Law Enforcement 
So Half Became A third And So the project of the trailer Began 
All Names Of The Fallen Offiers Are Posted On Sides Of trailer And Are listed In a text file In mod folder 
Included In Are as follows 
2016 Mustang Cobra GT 500
Peterbilt 388
Wabash Duraplate 53ft Trailer 
Lights Addon has been placed in mod folder if needed saves having to download seperately

Also Included Is the F350 Rollback Converted it to lightaddon since bel 3 script and lightaddon would not work together this truck is still a seperate mod from the rest the other 3 are as one mod
I used the mustang for the thp car to be as a chase car some states uses dodge vipers & corvettes I wanted to use the gt500
and before say thats the roadrage yes but the road is a mustang shelby cobra GT 500 Look at all the badging its there one issue that I was not able to overcome was the inside door panels are as part of exterior dds and was not set with a material id so I was not able to remap it to new file so keeping exterior gloss the door panels are gloss as well I did like this but I do not like rough cube on exterior it fixed the door panel but exterior looked like crap with a rough cube both doors work with front loader controls and same with the A pillar spot Lights its fully fuctional and moves with front controls as well I redone the Interior color to look more like the king ford F series the interior is pretty much stock other than that 

And as for the peterbilt I used the peterbilt because tennessee's is a peterbilt and i have done all striping and decals as close to the real unit as I could get Bug shield was made as one way for game sake I dont like looing through it from in cap veiw so from in cab its not visible 

The trailer is one from fs 15 that had been converted for fs 17 all creidts given no other alterations was made to trailer other than the THP Design and added aluminuim wheels 

NOTE: Because of the rollback being seperate mod You will need to unpack and then you can put the three files in mods folder two if you already have lights addon

Car: Giants Software, THP edit Boss Hog 39
Truck:Seriousmods, THP edit Boss hog 39
Trailer: Ivan aka. Hardtruckisthebest, trailer and textures:Superman, landinggear (reworked by Ivan and Yankee Trucker)
Dciving aka. Codfish :D, shadowmodel
Bruno77, company skins Ventyres, rims and hub (reworked by Bora) Cascadia, tyre texture
Bora, tyres, lightmask, retexturing, scaling and convertion
amt, updated to 1.5 fixed missing textures
Converted to fs 17 by: Unlimited Modding
THP: Edit By Boss Hog 39

  • Zzzzz
    2017-06-03 00:58
    Dangerous job law enforcement is , glad to see a tribute rig honoring the fallen, we lost an officer here in Montana lust last week sad really, any chance of doing this rig as a honor for Montana officers who lost lives on duty as im a Montana guy.
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-03 01:19
    Thank You But No That Pacy took me over 3 weeks to Complete I got To Take In some small Edits for A bit And Unwind after that one right now I have studied and stared at so many THP Cars And truck images Over that 3 weeks I dream About them LOL
  • Jd318
    2017-06-03 05:19
    Wonderful mod, can't wait to try it out! Once my crappy internet starts working, only using phone plan right now and don't want to use it all up, I will download it. :)
  • Brownthumb
    2017-06-03 09:29
    @BOSSHOG39, have crossed over those scales there in Knoxville many a time and saw thatrig sitting there, glad to see it again.
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-03 09:56
    Yep crossed them scales all over tn and everywhere else for 17 years hung that up 2 years ago its getting to crazy and stupid out there for me anymore hats off to the drvers still out 17 years was enough for me
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-04 20:24
    Warning in log came up Textures/shared/emissiveLightsShader dont worry I will rel;ease v2.1 to take care of this issue In a day or so making sure nothing else comes up so dont panic cause of one warning will be taken care of. Some how came up after upload did not show in my copy before upload so that is why it released with it did not show before
  • Max


    2017-06-09 09:06
    Impressive mod :) I too agree that its only fitting that those fallen officers get a tribute so that they know that their service to the THP police department of TENNESSEE know that they did not die in vein fulfilling their sworn promise to protect and serve.PS the mod works great for me :D good work Boss Hog :)
  • Bosshog39
    2017-06-11 17:22
    Thanks MAX
  • Oliv3r
    2017-07-04 16:24
    do you think you can retexture this in all white and add a ramp
  • Blacky
    2017-07-14 05:25
    sweet mods love them
  • James
    2017-10-09 14:35
    Hey, great to see some love for us TN folks. Love the mod 12 years in LE here in TN and left it a couple years ago due to a accident. Great work!
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