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Tera Vitesse CFS 5201 DO v1.0
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Tera Vitesse CFS 5201 DO v1.0

In game Tera Vitesse loading wagon with the famous drake windrowers

Rotated rakes
Added rotation arms
Darkened color

To Chris__82 request I have added an option to upgrade or purchase this loading wagon with a hitch on the back with a pto.  Welshgamer1975 says it was his idea too lol.

With last update i had made unloading particles invisible so that i could see the hitch better in the editor, for got to re check the box.  Unloading particles fixed.

Its been in testing for a while but I finally added this guy to my downloads.  It has an overload blower pipe added to it, I’ve made it color selectable as well.


  • Whatever
    2018-06-29 08:16 Send message
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    garbage mod. not even sure why someone made it
  • Good mods
    2018-06-29 12:08 Send message
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    you just mad cuz you cant mod
  • 200lb_gorilla
    2018-06-30 10:16 Send message
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    Well this IS BD`s work NOT Thomas I have the original one and have not a problem one , this is what happens when folks don't research thing
  • Bimbo
    2018-06-30 17:41 Send message
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    if you could take the rakes off it would be better
  • Tonytomato
    2018-10-21 21:08 Send message
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    It doesnt pick up straw for some reason
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