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The Alps Farming simulator 17 v1.1
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The Alps Farming simulator 17 v1.1

This mod for farming simulator 2017 players, who want to farm in the hills.
Model: domengta11
Texture: domengta11
Script: domengta11
Idea / Concept: Shadow
Testing: Yes
Other: domengta11

Diese Mod für die Landwirtschaft Simulator 2017 Spieler, die in den Hügeln zu bewirtschaften wollen.
Modell: domengta11
Textur: domengta11
Skript: domengta11
Idee / Konzept: Schatten
Testen: Ja
Andere: domengta11

Ce mod pour les simulateurs agricoles 2017 joueurs, qui veulent cultiver dans les collines.
Modèle: domengta11
Texture: domengta11
Script: domengta11
Idée / Concept: Ombre
Test: Oui
Autre: domengta11

Ten mod dla symulatorów rolniczych 2017 graczy, którzy chcą uprawiać na wzgórzach.
Model: domengta11
Tekstura: domengta11
Skrypt: domengta11
Idea / Pojęcie: Cień
Testowanie: Tak
Inne: domengta11


  • Vbluguitar
    2017-04-08 09:01
    Not sure why we are putting a 1.1 on this when its not anywhere near being finished. No starting equipment, no fields, tons of terrain errors. Very excited to see this map when its done, but in its current state its nowhere near finished.
  • Thecleaner
    2017-04-08 10:49
    Maybe in 2019 the map is ready to play
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