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The beast reworked v0.0.0.2
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The beast reworked v0.0.0.2

The beast woodchipper with increased capacity for the ramp i also uploaded. All credit to original authors.

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  • @dselgamrz
    2016-11-30 09:44
    your a fucking joke learn how to mod u fuck stick
  • Dselgamrz
    2016-11-30 10:18
    funny you say something like that and dont explain yourself the only y=thing that was changed from the original mod by fsm team was the hopper holding capacity. so please explain how i dont know how to mod?
  • @dselgamrz
    2016-11-30 11:11
    what he means learn how to mod is look at the 50 errors it has u dumb ass dataS/scripts/InputBinding.lua(117) : attempt to index local 'actionData' (a nil value)Error: Running LUA method 'draw'
  • Seb


    2016-11-30 14:39
    elle es bleug
  • Rdkjaer
    2016-11-30 16:32
    @DSELGAMRZDon't listen to those f*ucktards! Keep it up man ;-)
  • @rdkjaer
    2016-11-30 19:46
    u sound like a ass kisser are you the one that sucks everyone's dick to get what u want
  • Dselgamrz
    2016-11-30 21:39
    if you look at the original version of this it has the same amount of errors lol like i said all i did was upped the capacity to accomodate the ramp.... so if any of you are "better" modders than me make this without any errors then and only then can you open your mouth and run it... until then shut your mouth and enjoy!!!
  • @dselgamrz
    2016-11-30 22:26
    shut the fuck up u homo if u are going to switch a mod to 17 or what ever u need to finish it u dam noob go back to living in your mothers basement
  • Lolatbutthurt
    2016-12-01 02:55
    All these butt hurt people. And not a single one of them has anything to offer to this community except what you see above. Grow up douche nozzles.
  • @lolatbutthurt
    2016-12-01 04:29
    community really what dam planet u from u fuck face
  • Dumbass
    2016-12-02 04:15
    Another well versed member of the butthurt community.I will be nice and correct your poor grammarCommunity, really what damn planet are you from you fuck face.Wasn't sure if you were asking a question as in Community? or a excitable statement Community! so went with the apostrophe insteadDouche Nozzle.
  • Speedking2
    2017-03-04 09:58
    DSELGAMRZI have downloaded this mod and have used in on various maps. Inspite of the errors, the functions still works if you remember or can see it when it flashing rapidly when hooked up to a truck or tractor with a dolly. But I was overall impressed with it. If you can clean it up with less errors whenever you can. It hasn't stopped me from using this in any maps I am on. thank you.
  • Prjndigo
    2017-03-27 09:57
    Some of the best mods I've ever had threw all sorts of errors and that's GIANTS' FAULT not the mod makers.When you do a conversion from one version to another of the game you end up with dead-ended commands. The point of the conversion is to get the mod to work on the newer edition, not to give it a perfect script.
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