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The Pacific Northwest v1.1.0.0
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The Pacific Northwest v1.1.0.0

Change Log:
This version fixes a couple of issues that prevented multiplayer games from working. Save games are compatible with one exception. This is that all trees and hedges that have been cut will be reset. If playing with an existing save game please remove 'splitShapes.gmss' from the save game folder before starting.

* Added sugar cane
* Added pellet storage to storage hubs and sales at the barn.
* TMR mixer accepts pellets
* Increased some storage caps
* Fixed barb wire texture.
* Corrected/added some text in the modDesc.xml file
* You now start with newer and a little more equipment
* Fields are less expensive to buy now
* Wood chip economy modified (Seasons)
* Start with a few more sheep
* Tweaked a few objects

Welcome to The Pacific Northwest. This map is loosely based around the Lewiston, ID and eastern Washington area where the Snake and Clearwater rivers meet. At the rivers there is a plateau that is high above, accessed by a winding mountain road. The fields on the plateau are more the style of a UK map with small odd shaped fields, hedgerows and narrow lanes, where the valley fields are more of the US type, large and relatively flat and open. The terrain on the plateau ranges from relatively flat to quite hilly.
Start with a small farm and gradually grow your farm by buying smaller fields and merging them into larger ones.

This map includes the following:
- 2 main farms, one near the sheep and pigs. The other near the cows.
- 44 fields including 8 grass fields.
- Optimized for Seasons (highly recommended! Weather, crop growth, etc.)
- 5 additional fruit types, plus milk. Requires Kotte Uneiversal. Recommend Stop Milk Sales.
- Removable hedgerows
- 14 sell points
- Two large place-able areas
- Includes animated gates, doors, lights and more.
- and lots more.


  • Nick
    2018-04-26 18:17
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    the fields at 43 and 46 atleast as far as I know are not smooth my harvester can not unload with courseplay because the harvester keeps rocking around
  • Dalton67
    2018-04-27 08:22
    0 0
    oh lala .. ca rame !!!
  • Akthesavag
    2018-04-27 13:16
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    Just put in over 4 hours on this map, and so far no issues. Nice map!
  • Toymaker
    2018-04-28 00:07
    0 0
    Nice map, but I live here and it is nothing like the real area...way too green and we don't have hedgerows. The big fields are up on the plateau and there just a few small fields by the river. Look at FS13 version of Westbridge Hills. That's what we look like. Just sayin'
  • Akthesavag
    2018-04-28 01:12
    0 0
    @TOYMAKERThe Term "Loosely" was used. maybe you missed that part?Direct Quote..."This map is loosely based around the Lewiston, ID and eastern Washington area where the Snake and Clearwater rivers meet."Read things before you comment.
  • Steveo
    2018-05-04 11:43
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    @AkthesavagThis aint your site. Stop telling ppl what to do and how to behave. ur nothing but a pathetic bully.
  • Czorn25 gaming
    2018-06-08 02:56
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    Growing up in eastern Washington (Tri-Cities) I have been trying to find a nice map that reminds me of home. Thank you. Love the big fields and everything that is done with it. I am going to remove some of the trees in GE so I can place buildings in some of the empty fields. Otherwise this is a great map. My new favorite. Thank you.
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