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ThornHill Farm v1.2.1 Updated
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ThornHill Farm v1.2.1 Updated

Welcome to Thornhill Farm v1.2.1! A large sized map with 43 fields! You have one small yard and lots of equipment.
- This map is a ficticous map based in flatland America.


- Fixed some trees that were outside of the map
- Removed loads of trees that were duplicated or too close together
- Added some more details
- Fixed field dimensions for hired workers
- Fixed field sizes (hectares)
- Fixed field prices
- Added 2 new water refill triggers (lake and river by field 43)
- Added some new vehicles

- Missions now available on all fields except 1-7 33 and 43!

*** You will need to start a new save if you are using Thornhill Farm V1.0.0, V1.0.1, or V1.2.0 ***


  • Flusty94
    2017-05-01 11:48 Send message
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    please note i have been made aware there is a small coliision mask near the BGA siloking, this is due to the trigger being too big. my apologies for this, and an update will be released in the future to rectifiy this.i am as of 1/5/17 i am not releasing an update till i see fit to do so.
  • Sweet250
    2017-05-01 18:33 Send message
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    with out a drive-able train on the map, it's not FS-17, it is just a revert back to FS-15
  • Flusty94
    2017-05-01 21:28 Send message
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