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Tiefenbach v1.0
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Tiefenbach v1.0

Moin love LS community.
After long deliberations I decided to make my Tiefenbach map available to you.

She was actually a project for the contest 2017, but unfortunately nothing became. In addition, she was only half-finished at the times.

There were many previews, which can be viewed in "videos", many pictures and other, which has brought the map simply a certain "hype". I have not understood from the beginning why my videos suddenly got 20,000-50,000 clicks, since it was only a stinknormale map with a then construction period of two months.

In any case, I know that it does not do justice to the hype, which could be seen in some of the map's plans (eg Karvon). I knew from the outset already that there are some, the map then no longer like what is now the case.

The map I have built as I like, and my team so please do not complain if it does not suit your style.

What you see on the map you will see in the pictures.
I'm sorry for the people who do not want to write this here.

Freaky Simu Videos Moritz Q. Usw.

  • Joop
    2017-08-20 02:54
    this map is not ready, ass..... ,
  • @joop
    2017-08-20 15:55
    And you can't read.....ass.......
  • Name
    2017-08-21 22:58
    this map is not ready to play it. if you start the game you span with your stuff at a flat landscape if you drive to the forest you come in the map.
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