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Unverferth Roadrunner 536 v1.0
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Unverferth Roadrunner 536 v1.0

- two colors
- For any 36 ft or narrow header

Price: 23750
Dailyupkeep: 10
Category: Cutter Trailers

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Facebook: Casearias Modding

Casearias Modding

  • Mitchell
    2018-06-22 06:17 Send message
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    I really like the trailer that you modded and it has worked tremendously for me. But i am also interested in where you found that case 2388 combine in the picture. If you do know how to download that mod could you let me know that would complete my setup on fs17.
  • Bigodis
    2018-06-22 18:02 Send message
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    Just wondering, what are those combine mods?
  • James
    2018-06-22 22:07 Send message
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    the john deere is from Custom modding , its on modhub and was released recently, I use it and love it because of the size ! It actually feels like it fits better than the vanilla harvesters , to me those are just way to small scale compare to everything else . Im not sure where he got the case from , but i better get on the case and find it < see what i did there lol >
  • James
    2018-06-22 22:09 Send message
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    update : I found the case , here is the website bigodis https://fsasmc.com/index.php?/files/file/892-fs17-case-ih-2388-case-headers/
  • Brock lesnar
    2018-06-23 00:14 Send message
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    if you look on Casearias Modding Facebook page you might learn a thing or 2 Thomas is stealing mods for morans that don't have Facebook and that combine on the fsasmc site is NOT the same as the one in the picture!
  • Max


    2018-06-23 03:42 Send message
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    aint u forgetting Thomas is an admin of modhub? He aint stealing anything. If I recall sometimes he would be mainly being asked to submit somethings at most modders requests.
  • Jefer
    2018-06-23 16:13 Send message
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    no meu fs17 noa pegau este mods
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