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US Trailer With Tension Belts v1.0
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US Trailer With Tension Belts v1.0

Here is a Converted US Flatbed trailer mod with the tension belts. This is a semi trailer version of the ingame Fliegl DPW180. There is still some minor touching up to do on this, but it is fully tested and functional. Once the UAL script is converted from Farming Simulator 15 to 17 I will re-release with that incorporated.
All credit on the original Farming Simulator 15 mod goes to oxtar. I was able to convert it to Farming Simulator 17 and add the tension belts. I am sure oxtar will come out with a fantastic trailer for Farming Simulator 17 and look forward to it, but until he does, please enjoy his converted trailer.
You can choose your favorite color for no extra charge
There are tension belts for you to secure your items on the trailer
There is a hitch on the back of the trailer so you can train them together with the ingame dolly.

Again if any errors pop up or you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here in the comments section.

oxtar (original mod from Farming Simulator 15)
Bigdaddy012678 (converted it from Farming Simulator 15 and added tension belts)

  • Gordon
    2016-10-29 15:03
    downloads fine but when loaded into game it's not there
  • Jimmyblues
    2016-10-30 19:14
    Works fine for me I did learn one thing..don't leave a load attached for too long the trailer will stick to the truck or dolly so use the straps like you would in real life, strap your load then unstrap when you get to your destination and leave unstrapped.
  • Jimmyblues
    2016-10-30 19:15
    Gordon, try redownloading it might just be a bad download I get that every once in a while.
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-31 05:48
    Great mod, well done. Thank you.
  • Name
    2016-11-07 04:50
    are you planing to do this trailer so it can self load bales for FS17 ? if not do you know where i can find one ? Thanks
  • Bigdaddy78
    2016-11-09 02:02
    Hello Name,Once the UAL script (script to autoload bales) is released for FS17, I will be revising this trailer and release as a version 2.0.
  • Cade
    2016-11-12 10:10
    how would you make a b double hay trailer
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