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Valley Crest 1 v1.5
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Valley Crest 1 v1.5

Welcome to Valley Crest

Version 1.5
- Sawmill - Pallets fixed
- Stone quarry rock 2

Standard Map with additional modifications.
Sugar factory
Transport company
Wood loading station
Milk feeding place
Warehouses / garages with workshop and water tower
Biogas plant
Hydroelectric power plant with bridge

As well as new roads, new train routes are also included.
Have fun with this map !! As shown in Fig.


  • Vero
    2017-05-14 01:01
    Bsr comment mettre du gasoil ds la carrière car avec la remorque d origine impossible merci en attente de réponce
  • Hey you!
    2017-05-14 02:48
    Anyone have any luck getting the quarry to work? I am having no luck and tried turning all mods off to see if there is a conflict and nothing... can someine make a vid of the map and what can be done. I see there is a pallet production as well, is there going to be any extra production added for that? since there is also a compost area..
  • Spectrum69
    2017-05-14 20:34
    universal pack by team marhu pour le gasoil
  • Lsb de
    2017-05-14 21:17
    merci pour l info
  • Jimmy
    2017-05-15 20:47
    Comment on fait pour charger le sable ?
  • Olivier
    2017-05-16 08:08
    impossible de mettre du gasoil ds la carrière dommage quelqu’un a t il une solution?
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