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Versatile 500 Quad & Wheels v1.0
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Versatile 500 Quad & Wheels v1.0

One of these things is not like the other, both of these things should go to the recycling bin.

No one. It manifested on its own.

  • Tom


    2017-01-08 21:55
    hmmm....saying they belong in the trash does not give me a whole lot of incentive to download them..
  • Farm for fun
    2017-01-08 23:06
    gotta love stupid people like this half wit. nothing wrong with these versatiles.
  • Jim


    2017-01-09 00:38
    Awesome tractors. People are nuts now days let me tell ya. These run smooth as a 2 legged prostitute doing a table dance!!! Cheers mate
  • A


    2017-01-09 00:43
    only thing i would say is who ever did the uv mapping and textures is a total noob, polygonish did a good job on the modeling
  • John
    2017-01-09 02:23
    @Farm For Fun....not even half wit......this guys a quarter
  • Scs modding
    2017-01-09 02:31
    I use these tractors a lot and love them so saying they are shit is a HUGE under statement and i might add a degelman blade attacher to them and wheel weights also do some interior work then add an antennae because why not?
  • Weldon
    2017-04-25 14:11
    Question? Why is my tractor white? Can this be changed?
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