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VOLVO bm a25 v1.0
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VOLVO bm a25 v1.0

Rarther painful convert wheels lift off ground when steering and handles poorly. was a quick convert.

DeerePower [ESI]

  • Hope to see update
    2017-04-21 03:18 Send message
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    This is awesome looking truck only thing I would fix is the camera as soon as you press down for a bit it wont move back other than that awesome job so far hope to see a updated version :)
  • Esi


    2017-04-21 09:12 Send message
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    I'm working on it slowly
  • Take your time man
    2017-04-22 03:55 Send message
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    Hey I posted yesterday just wanted to say take your time appreciate the work I have tried many times to convert and usually fail but as I said before great job
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