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Wind Turbine Kit v1.0
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Wind Turbine Kit v1.0

So, how do you build a wind turbine in Farming Simulator 17? First, you need to get the wind turbine kit. I think this mod by "SD Modders".

SD Modders

  • Toolbar
    2018-01-06 14:45
    there are still missing parts, such as. Chain, etc. so the mod does not work.
  • Eric55
    2018-01-06 17:51
  • Shit download site
    2018-01-06 23:05
    needs other download site cause this one cant make it mind how fast it will down load 20 kb sec 30 mins for 140 mb
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-07 17:28
    mod video her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcABBQWN2yI
  • About shit down load site
    2018-01-08 03:18
    sorry my bad new to this game never used pc befor did not no about download manger did it in 35 mins even useing a dongal sorry again and good mod just a bit fidley hooking up but got there
  • Lol


    2018-01-08 13:44
    Espèce de gros bâtard de t'es mort arrête de te approprié le taf des autre SD Modding tu n'as rien à voir avec le pack éolienne qui est de la simba et Bruno
  • John
    2018-01-08 22:27
    where do i get the trailers tha are in the video?
  • Compacvvv
    2018-01-21 10:19
    Heu impossible d'accrocher quoi que ce soit avec le crochet de la chaine.
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