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Woodshire v1.3
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Woodshire v1.3

Hello everybody,

Version 1.3
- Dirt area in cows fixed
- Chopped straw
- Hackschnitzel sales office fixed
- added small details

Woodshire is a new map for the Farming simulator 2017 and remembers the northern regions in the USA.
Meanwhile, the map is quite large, but nevertheless very detailed. I will continue to work at the map and perhaps still some functions incorporate.

Woodshire 1.0 includes ...
small, medium and large sized fields
cows, sheep, pigs and chickens (each on a farm)
biogas plant
village with commercial area and a small industrial area. Here are spinning, bakery, garden center aka Mary's Farm, Goldcrest Pacific Grain, water tower for water abstraction, empty plot for own buildings
shop and livestock market
many forests and a sawmill

Version 1.1
great map extension
extended road network
map limitation
train system
remodeled farms and a new farm with silo
many new fields
loading area for wood
quarry (without function)

Version 1.2
chopped straw
pda reworked
some bugs fixed
small changes

Link for chopped straw:

A special thanks goes to Sennie, who helped me with the further development of the map, but of course synonymous to all other modders, their objects, buildings and scripts I have installed.
The map may still contain some minor errors, but these should not interfere with the map. In order to develop and improve my map, I hope to continue with feedback and tips.
So now have fun discovering and playing the card ...
Best regards

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