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ZELL'S 214FT SOWING RIG v1.3.1.0
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ZELL'S 214FT SOWING RIG v1.3.1.0

This MOD has less issues! Clean log now.
Single Cart & Dualt Cart setups
Seed amount: 30,000
Fertilizer: 30,000
Corrected the Seed usages issue.
Wide 64m or 214 ft
Full load 60,000
HP need 600hp

FS15:sawalllars, Lantmanen
Convert to FS17: Bill Brasky

BOURGAULT 7950 Seed Cart:
Modell: Isotope
Textur: Isotope, Jerrico
Script: Jerrico killerrf

  • Aroark
    2018-10-22 15:37
    Let me know of any issues or recommendation. I am working on the dual cart setup to be able to refill the seeder while attached.Also if you don't like it, don't use it :)
  • @aroark
    2018-10-22 17:59
    garbage, won't be using it. and stop uploading it every time you make a small change. how about you just release your crap on facebook where all the shitty mods belong?
  • Aroark
    2018-10-22 19:59
    Do not care what you think of my mod. I will upload one of it every day if I please. You're a moron. Troll away.
  • Learn2mod
    2018-10-22 20:26
    The guy is right, this is a crap mod so I won't be using it either.
  • poo poo mod... for poo poo people. post it every day, so I can give it one star every day. "Aroark"... the sound I make when I go poo poo.
  • Terrible mod
    2018-10-23 07:07
    Words can't describe the epic failure this mod is. There is literally nothing about it that's any good. You wanted to know any issues it has, and the main issue is that it's terrible. You wanted to know any recommendations, then I recommend nobody waste their time downloading this.
  • Tony
    2018-10-23 14:26
    What a stupid ass, a totally unrealistic and useless mod mad by a jackass who can't take the idea that people don't like his mod. Poor baby, your mod is stupid like you, asshole!
  • Delahaye
    2018-10-23 14:59
    Bonjour bon travail sur les semences maintenant on peut tout semer bien regarder les bugs en plus mis en place pas mal de graines ce qui es tres bien pour ma part la remorque derriere le semoir es un peu genant pas grave merci beau travail d'avoir corriger le bug des semences bon jeu a tous
  • Aroark
    2018-10-23 18:23
    this mod is shit
  • Fernand
    2018-10-23 19:15
    ridicule, rien à foutre ici, c'est vraiment du pipo
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-10-25 20:06
    if you don't like it then don't Fucking download it and instead of Being a douche bag about how much you hate it, tell Aroark what's wrong with it so he can fix it. For those who are spreading hate politely shut the fuck up and go spread heat some wear else and or go make your own
  • Bill6312
    2018-10-25 21:30
    I couldn't get it to load said file bad
  • @wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-10-25 23:44
    poor snowflake got triggered by reading negative comments on the internet, WAAAAA!!! next time tell your mommy and don't whine about it here
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-10-26 22:29
    theirs a big difference between being Really fucking pissed off and being triggered and if that was meant to be an insult it didn't hurt it made me laugh because you insult sounded like something from 4 grade grow balls and get lade
  • Mod_god
    2018-10-26 22:50
  • Modmaniac
    2018-10-27 20:43
    lmao lego game players
  • Modmaniac
    2018-10-27 20:47
    the one thing i cant understand is if some of you dont like this mod , hate how it operates , hate how it looks..... then why keep coming here and posting on it . grow the hell up and move on to mods you like. pretty simple solution if you ask me ...... oh wait i forgot ... seems people these days never mentally mature past the age of 5 .
  • Mod_god
    2018-10-30 01:28
    The retards that cant grow-up are you booger eating kids that cry to mommy when someone says something that you dont like or build lego mods! This thing is still a piece of shit and always will be
  • Modmaniac
    2018-10-30 06:54
    kid !?!? really !!!! Me a kid bwahahaha im probably old enough to be your daddy . lol you just made my day son roflmao
  • Ghost047
    2018-10-31 15:32
    Tony I suggest you go to youtube and type in this seeder, and see it does exist, You all might not like this mod, it does have some issues but I LIKE IT. If you all think you can do better then make a mod upload it for us to pick it apart and say hateful things to you. You all talk the talk do you walk the walk?
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