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ZIL-130 Edited by AntiGelik
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ZIL-130 Edited by AntiGelik

Some textures were reworked, normals added, lights of headlights and instruments, dirt with my textures, new better tires, physics was reconfigured and adapted for the MR mode, the real gearbox for the Gear-Box mod with double squeezing of the clutch, rewritten sound is better, collisions on the body and sides are added, hook points on the hitch and tow hook on the bumper are added .... I did something else, I don’t remember)))))

Truck engine power - 150 hp Max. speed - 80 km / h. Price - 3 800 (per day 3). 340 liter tank. The volume of the body - 15 500 liters. Work light and tidy. Soiled and washed.


  • Skinnypoly
    2018-10-17 06:22 Send message
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    Looks great - Good model, great textures sounds and lights - But there is nearly zero traction on rear making it totally useless on any hill.Thanks all the same for the effort though.
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