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Player speed mod v1.0
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Player speed mod v1.0

This mod increases the running speed in 3 stages. With the key STRG Left + 1 one runs with the standard speed (also in cheat mode), with the key combination STRG LInks +2 one runs 3 * so fast and with the key combination STRG left + 3 one runs 7 * so fast
It may be that the inputs are not recognized, in this case you have to manually set the key assignment in the settings.
Hope the mod also like and have a happy new year.


  • Guest
    2018-12-29 01:41 Send message
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    maybe my mind is gone, but what key is "" STRG "" on the keyboard ???
  • Jce12071
    2018-12-29 16:49 Send message
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    After a quick Google search...strg key is the control key in English. Google can be your friend
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