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The Homestead v1.0.0.2
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The Homestead v1.0.0.2

Good Morning!

This morning I am releasing the final update for The Homestead 4x map! The zip file should be FS19_The_Homestead_v1002a.zip. If you have any other version, it is not the current one.

First things first, yes this update does require a new save because of the adjustments that needed to be made. I have had a blast making this map and I am not sure what a handful of people are having crashes with it. The log is error-free and the map runs great for most people.

Thank you to everyone that contributed something to the effort and the final project came out great!


New triggers in several sell points
BGA walls Fixed
Environmental changes that effect lighting
Changes to grass in a few areas
Checked and resized weight files
Cleaned up a few sloppy areas
Added addition straw sell point

And a lot of little things you will likely never see.......

Enjoy the map and please don't spend a lot of time on the negative that is being spread around in the community about it.

Yes, it is Seasons ready, Straw Harvest Ready, and MaizePlus ready.

Help fund future map projects: https://paypal.me/christopherkimball

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Map Link:

This is the only authorized link so if you find the map elsewhere, please don't download it there.

Have a great Day and Happy Farmin' Folks!

Funny Farm Gaming

  • Grumpy old dude
    2020-07-28 20:58
    6 11
    Here we go again with this crappy map....why must you keep doing this...
  • Not a grumpy old dude
    2020-07-28 22:05
    5 1
    I have been laying since awesome map all week. no problems and i have been enjoying it very much
  • To grumpy
    2020-07-28 22:20
    4 0
    Maybe if you would stop posting new versions on here, just so you can make shitty comments about a good map. FunnyFarm isn't the one posting it
  • Jim fugleberg
    2020-07-28 22:41
    1 1
    is it possible for you to add Black Beans to the map?
  • Wrangler
    2020-07-28 23:03 Send message
    1 0
    B.O.B. Flyover - The Homestead - Farming Simulator 19 - https://youtu.be/1y1x2_Fl-3I
  • Grumpy old dude
    2020-07-28 23:57
    2 7
    I wonder how many versions of the map there are going to be from the creator before he finally gets it right.. i mean seriously there have been 3 versions in 8 days.... that seems to be like the map should have been tested better before it was give to the public... thus = shitty map... one day it will not be a shitting map...
  • Name
    2020-07-29 01:03
    8 2
  • @grumpyolddude
    2020-07-29 01:33
    8 0
    don't play it if you think its so bad yeah dumb fuck. Bitching little fag is what you sound like
  • Grumpyold forereal
    2020-07-29 02:43
    3 0
    Yeah he's making us real grumpy old dudes look bad
  • John
    2020-07-29 03:06
    0 0
    at least this one doest crash my pc, but it still has errors...
  • What errors?
    2020-07-29 03:19
    0 0
    List please
  • Oh i forgot
    2020-07-29 20:44
    0 0
    Grumpy's PC is a potato
  • Yo mommy
    2020-07-30 03:43
    0 1
    @Oh I Forgot, your mama seemed to like my potato last night...
  • Look
    2020-07-30 03:58
    0 0
    Proof that Grumpy is actually 12 years old
  • Chief cdog
    2020-07-30 19:10
    0 0
    I have dl every map and they all do the same thing even with all mods taken out. Just before you expect it to dl it crashes clear out of the game. Its file isnt even in the mod folder it has disappared from the game
  • @chief
    2020-07-30 22:56
    0 0
    Bump up your in game graphics to high or very high
  • Grumpy old dude
    2020-07-31 16:39
    1 3
    Its too bad, I thought this version of the map was supposed to fix the need for using high or very high..... maybe Funny Farm should stick to standard size maps. clearly he is not able to make a 4x that doesnt lag or need high graphics settings.
  • Why?
    2020-08-01 02:37
    0 0
    Would you play on less than High or Very High? Oh, that's right, you have a potato PC.Maybe he doesn't want to cater people with low end PCs and like his maps to visibly look good
  • Richyrich
    2020-08-01 03:05
    0 1
    Ok, so i downloaded this, and it crashed my game. So i took out all my mods, including other maps and it still crashed. I have a high end pc that easily handles maps bigger than this. maybe the auther should look into it.
  • Chief cdog
    2020-08-01 17:59
    0 0
    Thanks for the tip I run my graphics up and the game loaded and play fine. I also like the map. Thanks again.
  • Name
    2020-08-05 03:17
    0 0
    more fruits on the map
  • Name
    2020-08-06 23:46
    0 0
    Great edit of the Great Western Extreme map, enjoyed playing GWE, and am enjoying this edit as well
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