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2017 FORD F-250 SUPERDUTY v1.0
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2017 FORD F-250 SUPERDUTY v1.0

– Engine Setup: 200 hp, 450 hp, 510 hp
– Speed 120 km/h
– Selectable Wheels
– Selectable Wheels Brand
– Selectable Attachers
– Selectable Bumper Options
– Selectable Decals
– Selectable Extras
– Selectable Design Color
– Selectable Rim Color
– Choice of Color

Price 41200 €

Expendables Modding, Chandler Buch, Logan Slusser

  • Expendable
    2019-07-11 14:58 Send message
    23 3
    This mod was already uploaded into our account. That's a duplicated entry. Delete it
  • Joe


    2019-07-11 15:28
    2 0
    No fuel, seeds or fertilizer options. :(
  • Name
    2019-07-11 18:17
    8 3
    this is not your mod it is expendable stop steeling mods because you dont know how to make good ones delete it now
  • Epiczebra
    2019-07-11 19:34 Send message
    4 2
    delete it your a cheepskate
  • Name
    2019-07-11 19:48
    4 2
    I think he's a bot so... good luck getting him to delete it
  • Simr
    2019-07-11 20:59
    2 3
    never in all my Life..have I seen so much thievery. you lowlifes, have turned a kids GAME into more drama than a Day Time Soap Opera. YOU people from Germany and U.K. bring that shameful element to Farming Simulator Series. you not only steal Real tractors, but the mods in a game as well. I am American and I cant stand any of you sons of bitchs..I wouldn't throw piss on you if you were on fire. I just don't care about you.
  • Richy
    2019-07-11 21:30 Send message
    1 1
    You have stolen a load of mods u should be band you thief. All theses moder's mods you taking download from
  • Richy
    2019-07-11 21:31 Send message
    1 0
    Also @simr that is offensive cause not a lot of British people steal
  • Cummis man
    2019-07-11 22:10
    1 2
    quit stealing other peoples fucking content you cunt delete it
  • Tim121672
    2019-07-12 07:54 Send message
    2 1
    @SIMR- Grow up and stop acting like a child. I am also American and I have nothing against people from the UK or any other country for that matter, You need to get a grip bro and stop bringing that kind of childish behavior to this community. Its low class like that that is killing this community. If you have a problem then the first thing you need to relize is your trash talking a bot so good luck with that. Oh, and one more thing, its people with you shitty attitude towards foreigners that giv
  • Dustin
    2019-07-12 22:05
    2 2
    i just read through the credits didn't artist jack modding help make this mod and the squad bought the models
  • Simr
    2019-07-13 08:34
    1 1
    I have ZERO feelings for any thief - whether the SOB is crossed eyed, four eyed...foreign or domestic, rich or poor. and I WILL run my mouth off to a Thief as to warn others - useless human beings are about. you would question a parked car, a suspicious pakage, bet lead a thief right to your belongings or someone elses tho. I don't care what you dislike about me. I don't live my LIFE to impress others.
  • Richy
    2019-07-13 22:20 Send message
    0 0
    Still not deleted all your content is stolen and always will be STOP IT YOU ARE STEALING PEOPLE'S HARD WORK. GET A FUCKING LIFE!
  • Dylan
    2019-07-14 00:31
    0 1
    make more pls. i love it. make a gmc for me and make a map for the squad. i love you and your mods MAKE MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MOREMAKE MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MORE
  • Delete it
    2019-07-14 22:00
    0 0
  • @dylan
    2019-07-16 00:09
    0 0
    talk to expendables about that Thomas is one sorry son of a bitch fucking steals mods goddamn bots are taking over the internet
  • Ted


    2019-07-16 05:09
    1 0
    @DUSTIN the squad (Grant) bought the model and artist jack started it but he got to busy so Grant gave it to EXPENDABLES @DAVID finish it.
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