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2018-2021 Freightliner Cascadia P4 v1.0
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2018-2021 Freightliner Cascadia P4 v1.0

Custom DD16 Detroit Diesel Sounds.
Trim Level Packages: Standard and Elite
taken straight from Freightliner's Build and Price.
Standard trim level is a Black Grill, with plastic mirror caps. with options of plastic fairings, plastic bumper, and painted fairings, painted bumper and fairings,
chrome bumper and painted fairings.
Elite is: Chrome grill, and Chrome mirror caps with all the above.
Fender options: you can choose from Black Plastic, Chrome, or the
Flow Below Aero kit, with either Plastic or Chrome Fenders.
Wheels: Freightliner Aluminum Front Wheels, With 3 holed steel rears,
Freightliner Aluminum Fronts with Flow Below Aero Covered rears.
Alcoa wheels with 3 different hubcap options.
Exhaust Pipe Configs: Hidden(no stacks), Single Stack, or Dual Stacks.
Optional Headache Rack
Optional Rotary Beacons.
Virginia Apportioned License Plate.
Engine Options. DD13-DD16 Tuned Detroit Diesel.
Shadow casting for the lights.
Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Gamlin(ATS),(Interior,Pipes,5th Wheel), Hum3D, Expendables(Headache Rack).

Whiskey Sierra Modding https://www.facebook.com/whiskeysierramodding

  • Csi48
    2020-05-23 18:57 Send message
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    Please please make a Daycab. wonderful truck , but i have no use for a Sleeper on a farm.
    • Wayne89
      2020-05-24 03:28 Send message
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      Eventually Ill make one of this body style I have the old body style Cascadia on here in a Day Cab I guess everyone plays different I like a mixture of Day Cabs and Sleeper trucks
  • Nice
    2020-05-24 16:49
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    Its a cool truck, needs some more work, But keep it Up!
  • @nice
    2020-05-26 04:30
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    It needs work how?
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