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2018-2021 Freightliner Cascadia P4 v1.0
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2018-2021 Freightliner Cascadia P4 v1.0

Custom DD16 Detroit Diesel Sounds.
Trim Level Packages: Standard and Elite
taken straight from Freightliner's Build and Price.
Standard trim level is a Black Grill, with plastic mirror caps. with options of plastic fairings, plastic bumper, and painted fairings, painted bumper and fairings,
chrome bumper and painted fairings.
Elite is: Chrome grill, and Chrome mirror caps with all the above.
Fender options: you can choose from Black Plastic, Chrome, or the
Flow Below Aero kit, with either Plastic or Chrome Fenders.
Wheels: Freightliner Aluminum Front Wheels, With 3 holed steel rears,
Freightliner Aluminum Fronts with Flow Below Aero Covered rears.
Alcoa wheels with 3 different hubcap options.
Exhaust Pipe Configs: Hidden(no stacks), Single Stack, or Dual Stacks.
Optional Headache Rack
Optional Rotary Beacons.
Virginia Apportioned License Plate.
Engine Options. DD13-DD16 Tuned Detroit Diesel.
Shadow casting for the lights.
Credits: Whiskey Sierra Modding, Gamlin(ATS),(Interior,Pipes,5th Wheel), Hum3D, Expendables(Headache Rack).

Whiskey Sierra Modding https://www.facebook.com/whiskeysierramodding

  • Csi48
    2020-05-23 18:57 Send message
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    Please please make a Daycab. wonderful truck , but i have no use for a Sleeper on a farm.
    • Wayne89
      2020-05-24 03:28 Send message
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      Eventually Ill make one of this body style I have the old body style Cascadia on here in a Day Cab I guess everyone plays different I like a mixture of Day Cabs and Sleeper trucks
  • Nice
    2020-05-24 16:49
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    Its a cool truck, needs some more work, But keep it Up!
  • @nice
    2020-05-26 04:30
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    It needs work how?
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2020-06-07 19:55
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    I love the truck and everything looks nice but the engine sound needs some work the sounds of the day cab version would suit this truck, other then that I have no complaints about anything else. keep up the good work
    • Wayne89
      2020-06-10 20:38 Send message
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      The sounds are accurate of the real truck I didnt want to use Series 60 sounds since the different engine types in the truck The sounds themselves Ive improved by lowering the torque Im currently working on an update for the truck to fix that
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