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2019 Ford Super Duty Single Cab v1,0,0,0
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2019 Ford Super Duty Single Cab v1,0,0,0

Ford Super Duty Single Cab.
Options for F250 SRW-F450 DRW
Body, Bumper Color, dealer decal, camper shell, tonneau cover, brush guard options
Strobe light, brush guard, plow mount, and many more options.
You can also remove the tailgate to put a salter in. (Just make sure to still unfold before backing up to attach to it)
Tons of options. I am not the original author, I just assembled this truck from a few different trucks.

814 Modding, Mrboomnastic, Expendables, Richwoodrocket, Roro Customs

  • Qwerty
    2020-11-11 17:02
    5 0
    So how is this truck's file size so much larger than the original mod??? I realize you put a salter in a few other stuff, but woof, that is a significant increase in mb's.
    • Rchwdrckt
      2020-11-11 21:20 Send message
      0 2
      I added the cab of another truck to the original So file size went up
  • Tractors not trucks!
    2020-11-11 20:29
    9 2
    How many pickup trucks should came to FS19?Sorry but this game is farming related and not a GTA where you drive around the map with your car. Also why the ZIP file is so big? I woulndn´t complain if that would be a map but this is a vehicle mod. And speaking of farming related mods, i would appreciate when modders would do some new cotton equipment or maybe some mowers and compact tractors.
    • Rchwdrckt
      2020-11-11 21:21 Send message
      6 1
      There are screenshots of a tractor on a gooseneck trailer behind this truck You can use it on your farm
  • Tractors not trucks!
    2020-11-11 22:07
    0 0
    @RCHWDRCKT I see the John Deere on the trailer and thats a very nice tractor for loader work. Speaking of compact tractors, i mean a subcompact size like the 1 or the BX series. There already a Deere 1025r but oh boy! this mod is full of bugs!
  • @tractors
    2020-11-11 23:04
    1 1
    it might have a few bugs but its only 1.0 and if ur gunna complain about the mod so much DON'T DOWNLOAD IT good mod :)
  • Name
    2020-11-12 03:20
    0 3
    thanks it is not letting me download it says disk full make the file size less
  • Yawn
    2020-11-12 04:19
    1 1
  • Rett
    2020-11-15 05:59
    0 0
    you should make it public
  • @rett
    2020-11-15 20:33
    0 0
    are you stupid or what? this mod is public.......
  • Murican mods ....
    2020-11-15 21:20
    0 0
    365 mb?!?!?!?!? What in the fuck is in that mod other than the truck? A small map?
  • Dino
    2020-11-18 19:00
    0 0
    Hi... i Can't get it visible on FS19, have anyone had the same error?. I donwloaded it, put on my mods folder, but now showing. Checked the moddesc.xml version but still doesn't get it work. Any suggestions?.
  • Stop being an a$$
    2020-11-19 20:34
    2 0
    Why is everyone being a fucking dick to this guy. Murican Mods, get rid of your garbage internet and calm down. Name, buy a bigger drive or delete all the useless shit you don't need from your pc. Tractors Not Trucks, are you actually the dumbest person on the planet? We use trucks for all sorts of things don't be a dick because you're too stupid to realize we want shit other than just farming equipment. Stop being a dick everyone. This guy put this together for everyone and there is no need to
  • @stop being an a$$
    2020-11-22 17:10
    1 0
    I like your response, very true and straight to the point
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