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2020 Dodge mega cab v1.0.0.0
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2020 Dodge mega cab v1.0.0.0

2020 Cummins megacab for Farming simulator 19
Power: 400
Maximum Speed: 210
Price: 67000
Brand: Dodge
Category: Cars
Authors: Abe.F, Saul Mods, Seth White

Abe Friense and matt blaine

  • Xxx


    2020-09-10 09:20
    1 5
    Good mod, but what is missing here is that I can open the door from the loading area and / or that all the driver's and passenger's sides can open the doors. Possibly open the hood with, then this mod would be awesome. Everything else could be left that way. (You could make several types of tires)
  • Dead interiors
    2020-09-10 10:19
    10 8
    Just when I thought the truck was perfect driving into the first person only to see the steering wheel has no animation and the interiors is just so dead
  • Xx-ass-xx
    2020-09-10 11:02
    3 4
    Or you could post everything on Mediafire only and force us to catch up on old porn from a dog shit website, like every other fuck stick mod author out there.
  • Undone shit
    2020-09-10 14:18
    5 13
  • It isnt finished idiots
    2020-09-10 16:38
    7 2
    the original authors released in in beta and everything will work some 10 year old just posted it here
  • @ above
    2020-09-10 17:53
    3 1
    That's the point, if the mod isn't finished, DON'T RELEASE IT, it's not a hard concept to grasp.
  • @above and above above
    2020-09-10 23:24
    4 1
    the truck was leaked it was never release and it isnt finnished
  • 5 2
    It's not 100 % done yet. DO NOT COMPLAIN and PLEASE STOP LEAKING. It's their mod if they wanted it on mod sites they would put it on mod sites.
  • Name
    2020-09-11 02:30
    0 2
    can you please please mack a very detail inter make the new ram 2020 cummins truck
  • Gaming
    2020-09-12 02:55
    1 1
    love the truck but we are how long into this game and all of the mods that have been released I think it is pointless to release a mod that does not have a working interior that is just my thoughts
  • Dc-david
    2020-09-12 13:23
    0 2
    Very nice looking truck. It will be a definite mod to run once the inside is complete. Thank you for your hard work so far on the truck. It is appreciated.
  • Engine brake
    2020-09-12 15:49
    0 2
  • Poes
    2020-09-14 02:51
    0 3
    piece of shit
  • Paramore
    2020-09-15 01:27
    2 0
    I can feel the pressure; It's getting closer now; We're better off without you; I can feel the pressure; It's getting closer now; We're better off without you
  • @engine brake
    2020-09-15 01:48
    4 2
    First things first, fix your spelling. Second, go get your CDL when you turn 18 years old and then drive a REAL truck, OK? Hahahahahahaha
  • @engine brake
    2020-09-18 14:48
    7 0
    lol i bet you never had any truck
  • Yourmom
    2020-09-18 17:22
    4 1
    Truck is trash asf, yall need to stop releasing unfinshed work claiming its got all the bells and whistles. hook this bitch to a fifth wheel and it wont move or turn, also has no brakes when off
  • Name
    2020-09-28 20:55
    0 0
    hi can you please make the ram 1500 truck for me
  • @engine brake
    2020-10-10 19:15
    2 0
    Your a fucking idiot pickup trucks dont have engine brakes only semis
  • Koriuntae
    2020-10-22 11:46
    0 0
    I need mods
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