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CLAAS XERION 3800 TRAC VC v1.0.0.0
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CLAAS XERION 3800 TRAC VC v1.0.0.0

For the 2nd Advent as promised our Xerion 3800.
For the 2nd Advent there are as promised our Xerion 3800.
in the new version were made:
Texture works
Decals installed
The original turn signals holder installed
PTO shaft tachometer added
Fixed warning signs
Engine block and radiator grille installed
Fixed tractor category
All stickers and nameplates were taken from the original and installed.
We are currently working on fixing the tires, but this does not seem to be easy. Try to make it until the 3rd Advent.
A big thank you goes to BV Westphalen Modding for the help.
Nevertheless, the SN-modding team wishes you a lot of fun with the tug.

Stephan, Nils, Daniel

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