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Peterbilt 359 v1.0.0.0
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Peterbilt 359 v1.0.0.0

Alright everyone the long awaited Peterbilt 359 by Half Assed Modding is here. That new workhorse you've been needing is now going to be available to you! Whether you want to look good, or tough this 359 can do it all!
3 Variations in the store providing a stock truck with option, tridrive variant with options, and a slammed version.
We have stack options, visor options, fender options, bumper options, racks (yes! the winch rack is included, scissorneck coming soon!) and not to mention paint and frames.
Special thanks to Status Low Modding and Seriousmods for letting me use a few things.
Would also like to thank wedolikemike, rainey95, [ARCD]Warrior4 for help with testing.
Also HUGE shoutout to my Patreon supporters, none of this would be possible with out you guys!!!!
On the drop axle Left Control Y drops, and unlocks the axle.
Super strength is needed when winching anything other than logs.

Half Assed Modding, arlan6, seriousmods, Status Low Modding.

  • Name
    2020-11-25 20:46
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    very nice truck! but no driver?
  • Honestly
    2020-11-26 15:48
    0 0
    Whats up with the tridrive flying backwards? Or the dump bed in the options? Overall great mod aesthetically. Good detail
  • Half assed is right...
    2020-11-29 01:17
    0 0
    Creates mod conflicts, dont waste your time.
  • Hamodding
    2020-11-29 06:15 Send message
    1 0
    Not sure how to update, but i fixed the mod conflicting with other trucks and added a few things, heres the new link! https://mega.nz/file/4740Hbpa#5eTy7eIjFAqIUJS99e7r6YdodUEfac4WTuqJ-WwUuAQ
  • Name
    2020-11-29 12:11
    0 0
    LMFAO at you lot what do you expect from on here a mod that works.
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