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Please one  original Link

--Changed nothing in ModDesc--
V2.0 by ModsModdin

Mod Features:
-Real color textures
-Full Washable
-Repairing mod
-Logo configurations(4 types)
-Animated Joystick
-Numbers configurations
-Movable rear axle
-2 types Tires(Trelleborg and Michelin) with new rims
-Configuration Terra Trac wheels
-Many moving works parts
-Folding Grain Tank
-Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
-Amortivating seat
-Animated hydraulic
-Speedometer and tachometer
-Moving tips on the display
-Dust, tire tracks
-Working Particle System
-Many other animations...
-Log is clean

ModsModdin, icedout

  • Question
    2019-08-23 19:09
    10 1
    @MODSMODDIN, --Changed nothing in ModDesc-- V2.0 by ModsModdin You filch the MOD ? Why is the last file date in the archive: December 20 * 18 * !!!!Ashamed to include your username in ModDesc ? Why? Lots of questions!!!
  • Name
    2019-08-23 19:49
    11 1
    Stop download!!! this is copy this mod http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/fs19-claas-lexion-780-v1-0-0-0/ with changed link and fake description!!!! ModsModdin is typic thief which releaseed stolen mod with changed link!!!
  • Proteus
    2019-08-23 20:02 Send message
    7 0
    Warning (C:/Users/rrrr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/ClaasLexion780_F19/Lexion780.xml): I3D file offers '5' objects, but '2' components have been loaded!fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Question
    2019-08-23 20:54
    7 1
    @PROTEUS, read above, why download the OLD mod?
  • Schowdel
    2019-08-24 11:24
    4 1
    I agree with the comments above, this fake mod!!! fake description!! It is copy old mod released long ago, linkhttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/fs19-claas-lexion-780-v1-0-0-0/ only the link has been changed... "ModsModding" is a typical thief who releases copies of mods on his links with false descriptions to fool people
  • Schowdel
    2019-08-24 11:29
    6 0
    "ModsModding" is a fucking thief from Czech site "ls novinky'' he publish on the site many copy old mods with changed links!!!
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