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Claas Lexion 600 Series (Old Generation) v2.0
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Claas Lexion 600 Series (Old Generation) v2.0

Hello Farming Simulator 19 players! 
I presenting my second version Claas Lexion 600 Series for FS2019. In the new verion mod is compatible with Real Dirt Color mod and
doesn't cause errors in the game. Mod has new configurations, New Real dirt texture, fixed animations, new details in the model and many more features...
I spent a few weeks on this mod.I hope you will like the mod and and you'll appreciate my effort.
Have a nice game!

Claas Lexion 600 Series(650, 660, 670) Old generation(Years 2012-2016)

Changes in V2.0:
*New Real dirt texture (All news specullars textures) compatible with Real Dirt Color mod
*New type Tires ---> Continental
*Reflective Stickers configuration [2 types]
*New type Logo Stickers ---> AGB
*Transport Protection Sign configuration [2 types]
*Fixed lights
*Fixed mirrors
*Fixed a few animations
*4 new wheels configurations (with new rims)
*New Exhaust effects
*New details model

Claas Lexion 600 Features:
– Washable and Wearable
– Animated joystick
– Movable rear axle
– 2 types Tires ---> Trelleborg, Michelin
– Seat suspension
– 18 types wheels configurations 
– 3 types engine power versions ---> Lexion 650, 660 and 670
– Pedals animation in the cabin
– Interior light
– Logo Stickers configurations ---> Agravis, Claas100 and Fricke
– Numbers configurations ---> 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
– Dynamic hoses in Cutter Trailer
– Terra Trac wheels configuration
– Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
– Displays animated
– Folding Grain Tank
– Full animation of unfolding the chopper
– Animated hydraulic
– Working Particle System
– And more other features…

*** No errors in LOG!!! ***

The package includes:
--> Claas Lexion 600 Serie (650, 660 ,670)
--> Claas Vario V750 and V900
--> Claas Conspeed 8 rows
--> Claas Cutter Trailer

*Please keep only my download link and don’t upload this mod on other hosts!
*Please don’t release edit this version mod!
*The ban on taking the mod to other forums with changed content post!


  • Humder
    2020-02-13 23:22
    4 2
    Great mod, are you planning to do an older generation of Claas Tucano?
  • Tim121672
    2020-02-13 23:40 Send message
    8 4
    Looks like its a great mod but 43 minutes to download is just to long right now. I usually don't mind but I want to play right now. I do have well over a hundred mps download speed but UI is just terrible at throttling unless you go premium which may be fine for some but not me. If your trying to make a buck off your downloads you should look into share mods or another site as you still make a bit and you would get a ton more downloads. If your work is really good start a paypal donation for you
  • Daguer3d
    2020-02-14 00:24 Send message
    1 4
    HUMDER, I'm not planning at the moment
  • Lizzo
    2020-02-14 04:14
    0 0
    I do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how ya feelin', FEELING GOOD AS HELLLLLL!!!!!!
  • Peter
    2020-02-14 04:22
    0 0
    I have a claas 8900TT but can't get the tracks to roll. Very nice mod/ Can anyone help?
  • Thomas
    2020-02-14 14:03
    3 2
    I'd reupload it and host it on the modhub site but it's taking too long to dl off uploaded. sorry guys
  • Simulator mods reviews
    2020-02-14 14:59
    2 1
  • Dani
    2020-02-14 19:32
    3 0
    Great mod, I honestly recommend it, thanks
  • Name
    2020-02-15 16:43
    1 0
    nice mod, high detail. Good job!
  • Wylli
    2020-02-22 15:00 Send message
    0 0
    Merci THOMAS !! Je sais que tes mods sont sérieux et je connait ton dévouement pour nous rendre heureux sur Farming ... Encore un grand merci à toi ..Cordialement !!!!
  • *why wait* download today <3
    2020-05-29 04:59
    0 0
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