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Peterbilt 379 v1.0.0.0
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Peterbilt 379 v1.0.0.0

First Peterbilt 379 converted from FS17 by TheFallen.
I reworked the whole truck and all the features work on it. No lag, and works great in multiplayer!
Truck is in White.


  • Raven2971
    2018-12-08 21:35 Send message
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    lots of Error and warnings with this
  • Ifarted
    2018-12-08 22:42 Send message
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    piece of shit go back to the drawing board.. as an owner of 7 379s this is a disgrace
  • Hunt007
    2018-12-08 23:06 Send message
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    raven u always have errors
  • Rebuild
    2018-12-09 02:08 Send message
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    The truck looks great in the pics, would love it (and download it) if there were color options for truck and rims.Will keep an eye out to see if this is updated.
  • Frink
    2018-12-09 20:13 Send message
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    at least he's trying, lets see you do better. No need for all of the rotten attitudes. Yes he probably should have tested it a little more before release but it's in game. So let's see you do a better job there CB Rambo. i know i can't and appreciate the effort.
  • That guy
    2018-12-09 22:53 Send message
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    How bout you pay proper credit to the mods original author...… Ridgecrest
  • бортовые машины
    2018-12-10 13:01 Send message
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    всем привет когдаже сделаете бортовые машины
  • ^^


    2018-12-10 21:51 Send message
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    Get out of here Russian hacker, You don't belong here
  • Marty
    2018-12-14 09:56 Send message
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    the semi works good for me for the most part just needs a few things fixed 1 the color change doesn't work 2 no horn 3 the rear end needs fixed to where where when coming off the grain silos if the last set wheels get off the ground any the truck gets stuck mite help if all the back wheels worked other them 3 little things the truck work really good
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