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Maschio C300 (BETA) v1.0
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Maschio C300 (BETA) v1.0

Maschio C300 (BETA)
Beta version, missing sounds and animation, free mod, whoever wants can fix it.

This Maschio Mod. C is a tool with remarkable versatility, suitable for medium-sized farms and medium-power tractors. Soil preparation after plowing, reshaping of stubble and plant residues, mechanical weed control, stable lawn pruning, direct preparation without plowing are just some of the many possibilities of use.

Price: 10000 €
Max. working speed: 12 kph
Required power: 130 hp
Working width: 3.1 m
Work depth : 27 cm
Number of Tools / Knives: 72
Maintenance: 20 € / day
Functions: Animated PTO and Real Sounds Working.

Model: SimoFarmer96 - Textures: Andersen98 - In-game/decals-specular: STv-Modding

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