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John Deere 7030 Series v3.0
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John Deere 7030 Series v3.0

Hello LS community!
I present you my new version V3 John Deere 7030 Series for FS2019.The mod has been rebuilt 100%
This new version John Deere 7030 Series includes new UDIM textures, Interactive Control script(IC) many new animations, configurations wheels, new configurations visuals
and many other new features... I spent a few weeks on this mod.I hope you will like the mod and and you'll appreciate my effort.
Have a nice game!

John Deere 7030 Series [7730, 7830, 7930]

Changes In new verion V3.0:
*New UDIM textures(with all new specullars textures compatible with Real Dirt Color mod)
*Interactive Control (IC)
*Seat suspension
*Pedals animation in the cabin
*Configuration selection --->  front weights or front hydraulic
*3 Types Warning Sings configuration
*Opening door and back window (IC)
*Exhaust configuration --->Normal and Chrom
*Foldable Warning signs (IC)
*New Exhaust effects
*RDA in wheels
*3 types Front Loader Consoles ---> John Deere,Hauer and Aloe (Trima/Quicke)
*5 types Logo configurations ---> Rebo Landmaschinen, Fricke, B+S Landtechnik, LVD Krone and Agromix
*Animation Steering Column (IC)
*Number plates configuration
*Horn trumpers and Top Lights Konfiguration
*Fenders configuration
*Worklights Configuration
*John Deere Accessories Configurations
*New wheels(with new tires) Configurations
*And ither new features and fixed bugs...

- Washable and Wearable
- Animated joystick
- Movable front axle
- Dynamic Hoses
- Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
- 3 types engine power versions (7730, 7830, 7930)
- Wheels configurations
- GPS configuration
- Terminals configuration
- Animated hydraulic
- Animation wipers
- Speedometer and tachometer
- Dust, tire tracks
- Movable front fender

***** No errors in the LOG! *****

*The archive contains 2 versions of the tractor JD 7030 Series*
--->With Interactive Control script(IC)
--->Normal version(Doors opened with mouse control)

* Please keep only the original link,Don’t upload this mod on other hosts.
* Please respect my work and please do not spend edit of this mod!
* You can move mod on other forums just copy the whole thing.


  • Alan
    2019-12-05 23:44
    6 0
    Great mod! A love John Deere 7930 :) Thanks :p
  • Thover
    2019-12-06 02:52
    5 0
    Amazing mod, do you plan to make versions JD 7020 Series and release?
  • Excellent !
    2019-12-06 05:11
    3 0
    One of my favorite tractors, bright idea to release in a IC, and non-IC version, I wish more modders would do this.Sure wish you would find a different file host besides UL, worst on the net.
  • Sirkutz
    2019-12-06 06:00 Send message
    1 0
  • Name
    2019-12-06 08:57
    3 0
    EXCELLENT, Because it somehow encourages the author ...
  • Second to none
    2019-12-06 09:04
    2 0
    RYSIU77 - second to none... and Sotillo, Templar, too...
  • Ricobab
    2019-12-06 21:11 Send message
    0 0
    Brillant ! Thanks
  • Shakuvendell
    2019-12-16 04:02
    0 0
    So I think the reason people are reuploading your mod is because you used uploaded.netI don't support modders who will put FS players through that kind of agony.
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