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GMC Topkick Flatbed v1.0
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GMC Topkick Flatbed v1.0

Topkick Flatbed with tensionbelts, rear hitch, and semi attacher on the bed. Rear hitch can be moved up or down using mouse.

The Expendables,Seriousmods,OveRTRucK,TMG,RBR-DUK,SCS,Jon,Ventyres,Chris,Tex57,James60470,Colonel,Corby,FDR Logging,Rory Kain, (flatbed) Logan Jakubowicz Derek Pankau, richwoodrocket, country boy modding (truck)

  • Grant
    2020-10-16 11:28
    2 2
    love your mods, thanks for the share..
  • Gringo
    2020-10-16 12:04
    1 5
    TFSGROUP is the best modder on the site. Him mods are the best. I love it
  • U make junk
    2020-10-17 04:44
    0 3
    Junk. No animation. Bad textures. Just bad. Junk,
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