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Lizard PU v1.0.0.0
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Lizard PU v1.0.0.0

The Lizard 2014 pickup. I like it, but I did not like it. So I made it better.

Added more engines.
Added better tires. And rims. Shiny ones too.
Ford T Black is standard. And Ford Blue. You can have other colors too.
Improved suspension for better hauling.

GIANTS. And the voices.

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    2018-12-07 14:06
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    Can you make more beautiful grille?
  • Fil


    2018-12-07 14:29
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    I agree with the comment above.He needs a more beautiful grille, still like the grille option chrome,as well as more colors metallic, tractors from Alex Blue a lot of colors metallic.
  • Dajoor
    2018-12-07 17:57
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    Metallic paints are simple enough. I did not realize people want it so much. I will do it soon...The chrome grille is probably not going to happen. Basically, without a long explanation, I have to edit the model and all the textures to do that. Too much work.
  • Dajoor
    2018-12-07 19:10
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    There is a very good reason we don't want to put in the work or make public mods. Our mods gets stolen and placed on other sites where the thieves earn money. Like this: http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/pickup-xm-2014-v1-0/
  • Dajoor
    2018-12-07 22:17
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    This mod will not work correctly with patch 1.2
  • Will
    2018-12-10 16:18
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    Nice Pick-up.I just recommend 1change;lower the brakeforce, The truck stops on a 6-pence, Not on a dollar-bill.Is it possible to place beacons or a led-bar on the roof?The grille is good enough for me.
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